In the nfl he second contract is the key

By: Java

The first contract is often eaten up by agents. Management fees. Taxes. Buying your first car. House. Buying your parents a house. The second contract if you are good allows you to enter the area of the super rich. To have enough for you and your grandkids. And 3 wives lol. So with Sam here’s what I think I think the nfl is no place to develop or mature Its a fire to be thrown into. If he thinks that first contract is all the money in the world and all he will ever need then great. Go now. It’s there for you. Gross pay for the 5 year deal will Be between $13 million for a 12-13 spot pick and $30 million for a #1. Take 60% of that away for taxes agent and business advisor and you have $5.2 to $12 million left. Maybe that’s plenty for the rest of his life. If he is interested in long term career impact? Being able to hold onto his money? Development and contract 2 which could be $100 million? And about $40 million after all those fees? I’d hang around college and season up another year. Another argument is leave now to get drafted lower and this end up with a better team enabling him to better maximize that 2nd contract. Cardinals and broncos might be top 10-15 teams that a kid like that would Do well to join. Personally I think he has a lot of flaws and should not be starting in the nfl for his own good the next couple years
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