The p12 5-win playoff drought

By: LA Duck

Is it odd that the p12 has 6 teams with 5 wins at this point with only 2 games left?  (To clarify, 5 are at 5-5, one--Colorado--is 5-6).

Theoretically, the p12 could have 11 bowl-eligible 6-win teams this season.  All save for the current 1-9 Beavs.

Crazy season, for sure.

What maybe makes it even crazier is that (most likely) AGAIN the p12 will not have a rep in the playoffs.

How bad is it that the p12 has only two teams making an appearance plus one single playoff win 4 years into the CFP?  (Oregon's win over FSU at the end of the 2014 season.)

Not good.

One thing that continues to hurt the league is our 9-conference-game schedule.  And probably has much to do with the stuff noted above.

Will be interesting to see what Larry Scott does to change things up......or will he do nothing?

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