5 to 12 after expenses is enough

By: crunchgodabruinknees

if well managed to have a very smooth ride.

One starts on life with a nice place to live, no debt, and a steady moderate income for life. Whatever follows in later years is a big boost. Its like being a Trust-ifarian, silver spooner, or lucky sperm club member. If you don't do anything radically stupid life becomes easy.

Your logic is sound except for the the Barkley example. I say carpe diem.

I know exactly one pro-athlete; he buys an apartment building every other year or so and lives within his means. The family who want shit from him get an apartment to use and responsibilities. He collects security deposits form them and makes them do stuff like paint, clean, watch, repair etc for their free rent. All the money fromrents goes into a lockbox from the rentals under profmanagementmanagment. He uses small leverage for each building so they cash flow but not deeply.



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