you shouldn't be treated any differently

By: San Clemente

than any other Cardinal and Gold member with the same number of years since you paid your one time so call "Lifetime donation".  But my guess is you know you are about to get hosed.  At the time I wrestled with writing that check too, but figured this day would come.  If I were you, I would demand my donation back. They broke the contract.  Have a lawyer write it up.  Fifteen K is Fifteen K. You could get one hell of a paddle boat for that.  


In one of the specialty boards that I am a member, they now have an every ten year 3000 buck and counting exam they make you take. First they made it "voluntary" for those that had grandfathered in.  Then they tried to go back and make ALL members take the test too as a huge money grab. Sued their asses off then told them to fawk off and get a real job like everyone else. In another specialty board, they now make you do your continuing medical education rip off through them. Guess what I told them? sc 

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