Lol o gave away my paddle boat

By: Java

Paid like $300 for it. Kids used it maybe a season or two. After that too much effort to get in and out of he water. Gave it away last vacation. We went on vacation and i. had a friend magically make it go away. As to tickets Usc took my donations I made as a member before the lifetime gift and then also included the lifetime gift. They then averaged it out over whatever it’s been. 30 years maybe? And that was my annual gift. Or maybe hey just took the total and credited me w a lifetime gift. Then they took all over givers and took their lifetime contributions too. Essentially putting us all in line front to back. So my total gifts there were probably gosh $27k $37k something like that. And that’s where I am in line. Now based on that you fall into some color scheme. Blue. Aqua. Red. Yellow. Whatever. And whatever scheme you’re in they give you a choice of seats colored by that scheme. So with my level no way do I get to go pick like 50 yard line 20 rows up. That’s purple or something And I don’t feel like committing to joining a group for $10k a year for that. Maybe I should have years ago. I dunno. But I’ve always been offended at those pre game munches where you can pay $75 to $100 each. I don’t drink and I’m gonna pay that for finger Sammerches? Oh and my kids too? $100 each so they can pick a croissant covered in Brie and caviar apart? Dad what’s this? Fish eggs eat up. Eewwwww! So even for my existing seats I think I had to pay a one time donation of $500 each as a seat license thing. And for the better seats it went $1,000. $2,500 etc With my future going uncertain I paid the basic license. Stayed at the level i was and am going to try to do my best to approximate my previous views. Maybe from a different area of stadium. Maybe I might lose like 5 yards or so. I’ll live
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