My Anti-Chip Kelly Screed. [UPDATED]

By: Dr. Spock

Ok, I've been reading a lot of stuff about Chip, so here are my reasons why Chip Kelly will fail at Ucla:

1. The guy never won anything.  Sure, he won a few Pac-10 titles way back when USC was on probation, but the only thing he won was a Rose Bowl game?  Sh*t, even Helton has won a Rose Bowl.

2. The game has passed him by.  Sure, he was an innovator way back in the dark days of 2009 but teams have figured out how to stop his offense.  The officials now have the ability to stop the game while players are substituted.  Also, Kelly's playbook consists of about 4 plays.  All he does is run the same plays over and over again.  People figured that out.

3. Chip is a terrible defensive coach.  His goofy offense puts too much pressure on the defense by leaving them on the field for 70% of the game.  That leads to exhaustion and injuries.  Ucla's current defense is one of the worst in the nation and something tells me this will not improve under Chip Kelly.

4. Kelly is not going to be able to get the same caliber/type of players he needs in to Ucla.  This is Ucla, not Oregon.  I give Kelly about 2 months before he starts fighting with the Bruin eggheads and their Uber-Liberal Masters.  I can easily see Kelly saying a few politically incorrect things and getting into trouble with the Bruin Left Wingers and the local LA media. 

5. Kelly utterly failed in the NFL.  I'm an Eagles fan, so I was pulling for Chip.  He had one decent year with Andy Reid's players and got into the playoffs but the Eagles got blown out.  His 2nd year, Chip got the GM fired and took over personnel decisions.  He got his own players in there over the next 2 years (including a dozen Ducks) but his team tanked and his personnel decisions were horrible.  Chip mindlessly traded away team leaders (see, e.g. Sean "Shady" McCoy) and he quickly became extremely unpopular within the Eagles' locker room which included allegations of racism against Chip.  I never believed that but those allegations were very real in Philly.  It will be interesting to see how quickly the Leftists at Ucla bring that up.

6. And no, this is not the same as when Pete Carrol coached in the NFL during the '90s.  Carroll went 33-31 in the '90s but he also went to the playoffs twice and won his division.  Chip went 28-35 in the NFL and never won his division.

7. Chip is crooked.  Dude actually got a "Show Cause" order from the NCAA over the sordid Lyles Affair.  No way ANY self-respecting institution of higher education (schools like Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke, Rice, or USC) would EVER hire a crook like Chip Kelly.  We got morals and beliefs.  There are some crimes that cannot be ignored.

So, with that all being said I don't see how Chip succeeds at Ucla.  At the same time, taking all the foregoing into consideration, as a USC fan I did NOT want Chip Kelly to go to Ucla.  He's a good coach and if he gets the right assistants and players, he could make a strong run.  Helton needs to step his game up.

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