you Sir, are a Retard

By: Art_Vandalay

First, you are right. He's won a bunch of Rose Bowls in his short time and I agree with you, those are meaningless. BTW, this i what Trojans brag about so make up your fawking mind you hypocrites fawk.

Second, lets assume you are right and he taught the world to play football so they all copied him and now they know how to defned him... all he'll do is adust and make it better.  He's a much better coach than all the copy cat betchess you are comparing him to.  

UCLA and USC alway had better players than Oregon.  The differnce is Chip. Coaching matters.  Chip kicked our arses because he was a better coach and could take 3 stars and beat 4 and 5 stars with them.  Imagine what Chip is going to do with 4 stars insstead of the 2 and 3 stars he won 11 games a year with? 

Your records in the NFL?  First of all, different game.  Not relevent.  Next, Pete and Chip were both damn near .500.  Means nothing. 

Finally, UCLA has never committed to the game of Football.  This is an all'in commitment.  If they lose now, everything you said will live forever.  If not, facts are facts.  $$$$ wins.  Commitments wins.  I think the past will reflect the future meaning UCLA is going to dominate this decade.  

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