Plaschke hits a new low

By: Waldorf

"UCLA also has long prided itself as a community leader that values and embraces diversity. Yet in the rush to hire Kelly, there were no candidates of color even interviewed for the job. While Dan Guerrero's first football hire as an athletic director was Karl Dorrell -- he went 35-27 in five seasons -- this time, the Bruins missed an important opportunity to provide exposure and opportunity to the broadest pool of future coaches."



Yeah, great idea, Bill. Chip Kelly is really interested in coming to UCLA, but he's got other schools after him bigtime -- Florida, Texas A&M, Nebraska. 

Yeah? So what? Tell him to wait! UCLA has to interview Kevin Sumlin first, then maybe Charlie Strong. Doesn't matter that they're marginal coaches at best, they're coaches of color! Hey, maybe the Bruins will luck out and Karl Dorrell will want to come back!

In the meantime, Chip watches the process grind to a halt and tells the Bruins to go fuck themselves. Some shitass coach is hired instead, three weeks later, and he isn't even black because there weren't any qualified black coaches available or interested. But at least UCLA tried, dammit! And Donut Dan is happy. Block is happy. But most importantly, the L.A. Times is happy! And that's all that really matters, ain't it?

Sometimes I just can't believe the levels of stupidity we're subjected to on a daily basis. You can't make this shit up.



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