The Truth: Jim Mora put himself first

By: John55

Much has been made of how much Mora loved his players. He was only a phone call away. He would suspend them secretly and offer no explanations to protect them. If he loved his players so much he would have done whatever was necessary to get them to the Rose Bowl. To get them to be champions. He would have made tough choices and cut ties with his coaching buddies when they didn't perform. He wouldn't have promoted guys because he liked them. He wouldn't go hiking for weeks and lose a top QB commit because his father couldn't reach him. He wouldn't take weeks off the following year to go hiking instead of preparing his defense. Those 3 weeks would have been better spent learning about new defensive tactics. Mora did none of this. He was content his players learning life lessons of losing to bad teams and going to mediocre bowl games. He got paid just the same. Having his players go to the Holiday Bowl was good enough for them. He was open to NFL jobs and was always putting his name out there because he was ready to bolt. He never denied rumors until long after they died out. He famously said, "I'm the coach of UCLA, RIGHT NOW." Does that sound like someone who "loved his players?" He didn't put in marathon hours. For who? For what? You know who was maniacal about preparing his team? Chip Kelly. He did everything he could to get his Ducks players to the highest levels. I'm sure they'll never forget the feeling of winning the Rose Bowl. That's love. Mora was sentimental but he wasn't going to make any sacrifices for anyone.
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