Pete Carroll said "fix the paperwork"

By: John55

or something to that effect when he learned of the Bush house. USC had one person involved with compliance and his job was to cover things up. USC stonewalled the NCAA - fact. Carroll should have reported to the NCAA the minute he heard something about the Bush house. Instead, he went the plausible deniability route. The NCAA didn't look into the MCKnight $50,000 car - university of China. Didn't look into Jarrett's living arrangement with Leinart - $8000 month rent supposedly paid by Leinart's middle class dad. The NCAA didn't look into anything other than Bush. Cash payments are hard to prove. Carroll had agents in the locker room all over the place but hey he didn't see anything. I'm sure no SC players were paid by all those agents. Everyone followed the rules. Hahahahahahaha.
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