By: Waldorf

...never had any good seasons. He had one mediocre one, one pretty bad one, and two really bad ones. He could never get anything going. Just never connected with his players. I think he tried to be their friend too much, but then he'd yell at his quarterbacks and everyone knew he was pressing all the time. Just not a good head coach. Great recruiter, I'll give him that. Really helped out Mora in that regard, much more than Mora is helping out Kelly. 

Neuheisel did have some bright moments while coaching UCLA. A big road win vs. Texas was a big deal, even though the Horns sucked at the time. A big win over Tennessee on Labor Day night -- the only game in town that evening -- was also a big thrill because the Bruins were getting worked and came back to win. But TN was also pretty shitty, it turned out. There were a few other good wins that stood out, but holy shit were there blowouts! I know Mora got smoked a lot this past season, but Neuheisel suffered more blowouts (losing by 20+ points is my definition) than any coach in recent memory, including Dorrell and Mora, by far. 

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