You know it's funny

By: Java

My dad served in Viet Nam.  Grandpa in WW2.  Great Uncle flushed out Japs from basements in the Philippines.  I was once told our family had svered in about every major US conflict back to and including the revolution.  Had men die on both sides of the civil war.  So I am pretty sure they would tello me they all fought for my rights to say crap as well.  Yet when Obama was elected president.  When Jimmy Carter was President.  When the cigar porn President was presiding.  WHen it looked to the last day like we were going to have a crooked chick be President, it never  ever ever occured to me to sit during the national anthem.  To turn my back on the flag.  To call cops racist pigs and declare that white lives mattered, even when cops killed more whites than blacks.  I bet I am getitng old, think I am starting to sound like my Grandpa.  Except I have yet to call any black people  "slowflake"  In today's culute and the re-use of that term, I bet he be cackling today.  

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