About Oregon "cleaning up"...

By: LA Duck

We're pretty much full at this point.  Have 25 verbals, will take 5 more, and then be really "creative" about those additional 5.

I saw a post on a duck site that said there are 40 four-star verbals in the p12, and Oregon has 16 of them.  I think we'll see at least one 5-star, maybe 2?  And probably at least 3 more 4-stars.

Coming off of a "bad season", that's not too shabby.  Credit to Willie Taggart and his assistants who know how to recruit.

The funny thing is that all we ducks figured we would be recruiting like this after our flirt with the national championship with Kelly and then again with Helfrich. After those two championship games, how could we not recruit in the top 10 every season?

Well, Chip got us up to #12 and #14 in the nation in recruiting his last two years.  But Helfrich never got us great classes.

What will be fascinating going forward is whether kids will want to go to Oregon because they remember the flashy, fast, take-no prisoners football games from 5-10 years ago that personified Oregon, or to UCLA because that's where the architect of that offense is?

In other words, what's a bigger name?  Chip or Oregon?

Obviously, the answer is "Chip".

And the thought would be that Chip made Oregon; Oregon did not make Chip.

But the X Factor in all of this is a charismatic coach of color who can appeal to young black men, plus a bevy of really great recruiters as assistants.

It will be fascinating to see if interest in Oregon wains after this season or holds steady for the 2019 recruiting class...


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