I'll tell you one thing about Chip/UCLA hire...

By: Waldorf

But first, let me say that I absolutely agree with those who say UCLA fans need to curb their enthusiasm. Chip Kelly hasn't coached at Oregon in a while, and the game has changed some. He didn't do well in the NFL, and many times NFL "retreads" go back to CFB coaching and disappoint. Most importantly, the Bruins haven't won anything significant in a long time, and while hiring Chip Kelly is cause for optimism and high expectations (let's face it -- he's one of the few coaches who would be on 100% of every AD short list of intriguing coaches), nothing is proven until it's proven. Profound, ain't it??

Now, that said, I gotta tell you -- I can't tell you the relief I feel not being knee-deep in the shitshow of having to watch my favorite team scramble for the leftover scraps after everyone else has feasted on the gourmet meal. I've been watching UCLA football since Dick Vermeil, and this is the first time I've ever seen UCLA actually go about a coaching search in the right way AND land their first choice. I watch the shitshow that is happening at Tennessee and ASU and I actually feel sorry for them because the Bruins know their pain. But I can't help but chuckle at the same time, knowing it's not UCLA. Sorry, DDD.

Now, will this translate into a turnaround for UCLA? Who knows? The Bruins are a hard luck outfit, not used to success, so it wouldn't totally surprise me if it didn't. Then again, it might. At the very least, I cannot imagine a scenario where they're not competitive. As for now, at least for a few days we get to hear the sour grapes and rationalizations coming from someone else for a change. And, make no mistake -- the grapes are particularly sour this time of year in the Southeast. If Chip had been hired at some SEC school, the jocksniffers would be lining up for six blocks to kiss his...feet. 


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