Trust me, Waldo--you have every reason...

By: LA Duck get excited NOW at the prospect of Chip Kelly heading your football program.

No reason to temper expectations.

Trust this quack.

What you are getting is wisdom and a true love for football.  No kids, no marriage, no nothing comes before football for Chip.  How many coaches can you say that about?  lol  Probably none...

You Bruins will rock.

Years ago (during OUR Chip Kelly Days), I used to say there were 2 sleeping giants in the pac-10/12--Washington and UCLA.

The Huskies are awake.

The Bruins are just ending their hibernation.

And in the immortal words of that recent State Farm spot....

(Note:  In this scenario you Bruins are the girl, the rest of the p12 are the man)

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