Tell us quacks why not Sumlin for HC?

By: LA Duck

I understand the drunken video.

I understand the perennial 5 loss seasons.

Anything else?

Seems to me USC was seriously interested in him about 4 years ago post-Kiffin, but that he wasn't interested in SC.

Some of you Trojans, including Old Hic, SC, Tulsa and Conquest were high on Sumlin back then, too.

What changed?

Just the yearly 5-loss seasons since then?

Is he the black Mike Riley perhaps?

Just curious...

I think he's the splashiest hire Oregon can make right now of available coaches....and my guess is there's a very good chance he'll be our next head coach in Eugene....if for nothing else than his recruiting ability and his offense.

And I would say he easily has a better offensive mind than Taggart.

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