The guy is a joke

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I posted strongly opposing about the guy when USC seemed interested...take away Manziel and how would he have done in the SEC? How the heck does anyone think he was attracting the talent to A&M ....add moving to the SEC ...add one Johnny Manziel ad you hve your answer... and that has been fading away fast....look how he handled his QB's...look at his drunk video....look at the lack of discipline of the teams he puts on the field....check out their heart when they get down...might want to watch the UCLA replay to get some clues and preparedness and heart...does he even know waht the word defense means ad this wiht a guy named John Chavis as his DC?

You'd have to pay me $5M a year for 5 years to hire that guy...I'd need the retuement fund after I got canned..

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