Good stuff, Old Hic....thanks!

By: LA Duck

My fear is we may get stuck with him and see what happens.  Originally I was cautiously optimistic about him being at Oregon, but now I have a few more concerns.  Nonetheless, I'll give anyone who becomes HC at Oregon the benefit of the doubt (except for Kiffin!)

Speaking of doubts, I doubt there's ANY chance we get stuck with Chavis--need a top DC and recruiter there. Hopefully our AD is too smart for that--he sees first hand what a first-class DC can do for a team.

Although to be fair and so you don't sue me for libel, in Oct 2013 you said Sumlin should be a fallback for head coach at USC after #1 target Petersen (a fallback along with Briles--lol....funny how things change in only a few years, eh?)

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