Coaching arms race: contract buyout

By: Java

Dabo Swinney has a $40 million buyout. Chris Peterson has $30 mil. Wow what an agent. Wonder if that was first contract? Or extension? Nick saban. $27mil. Kirk ferentz. $22.5 mil. I swear. That guy has more lives than a cat. He has one good year out of 10 and his agent locks him up for life. James franklin $22million. Urban $21 harbaugh and herman same. Bronco freaking mendenhall. Yes. At Least everyone else on this list is regarded as a great coach by many people. But this guy actually has a buyout of 17 1/2 million dollars from Virginia. Perhaps almost a shocking is that number 10 on the list at 17 million actually 16 1/2 million is the Illinois Coach lovie Smith. Are you kidding me? Lovie Smith? By the way Florida State had a buyout of $39 million on Fisher. I wonder what he had to pay to get out? These are in sane numbers. Insane guarantees. And then make the $12 million payouts that Arizona State UCLA Arkansas had to pay out recently look like chump change. By the way Utah also has a $12 million buyout
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