I'm good with Cristobal as HC

By: LA Duck

Might be a short-sighted hire, but searching for a coach this late in the game with signing day only 2 weeks away is a lot like being at The Red Onion (remember that pick-up joint?) back in the day at around 1:30 am and just talking up whoever looked remotely bone-able before last call.  

Slim pickin's right now for good head coaches who haven't recently renewed their contracts...

So I'm good to just hire from within--Cristobal or Leavitt, doesn't matter.

Didn't work out with Helfrich. But Helfrich wasn't a leader or a recruiter. Cristobal is both.  Same with Leavitt. Both are also proven head coaches, Helfrich was not.

If we don't get Leavitt as DC or as HC, throw $1.5m a year at WSU's DC and call it good...although he likely will be an HC someday soon himself.



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