Does Hufanga own the police?

By: Waldorf

If so, then I agree, trogan lock. 

No way Hufanga goes to UCLA. I heard Alabama is a legit threat to steer him clear of that BYU soft verbal. 

WTF is it with these Mormon blue-chip guys anyway? They have to give BYU a courtesy verbal, and then they end up going somewhere else and do their "mission" on the football field. Mantits did at Notre Dame, and then where was that fatass Mama who did the same thing at USC. I guess the mission only applies if you go to BYU, otherwise you can play football and the church of LDS apparently doesn't give a fuck. No wonder the best players don't go to BYU. Why spend two years riding a bicycle in the Czech Republic, knocking on doors, when you don't have to? 

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