feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the hate.

By: San Clemente

Darnold goes high NFL and you lose because SC will suck next year. Your hero Hugs gets exposed for the total fraud he is. It will be no surprise to him. It's probably why he overeats. Guess it's better that booze and pills. 


Darnold stays and you lose because you obviously hate him.  You predict 30 turnovers , AGAIN. You can look forward to bitching and complaining, nitpicking, and blaming everything that goes wrong on Sam.  Late play comes in, run up the middle into an 8 man box. Sam's fault. Sam's fault. Sam's fault.  He's sooooooo stupid.  


Darnold does go NFL and falls to Denver who trades up to get him,  and you LOSE for the next decade even when the Broncos win it all. Have to find new NFL team to follow. 


Let me guess, you also bitched and complained about Carson , right up until he won the heisman and the Orange bowl, huh.   Ya, he's an idiot too, huh.  


Losers gonna lose. sc 

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