Nope. I can actually tell you the

By: Java

Moment i knew when Carson would be successful at this level and when it was in his first game. You err just a high school jock sniffer of his. Meaning thought what he did in hs meant something. As to winning and losing? That’s your problem here. You see people and positions they take as winning and losing. Mostly because you have an obsession with being right. Because you rarely are. Remember you said Stanford would win the pac 12? You were wrong. Again. Your team of farm losers backed into the ccg. And still got beat. Again. By a tram you said would go 8-4. Oh yeah. You were wrong there too. You predicted 8 wins. USC is at 11 and counting. My gosh think of how off you were almost under valued Usc by 40% And win or lose rhe fact people come here to argue about it means I always win
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