Changes at USC I think are needed

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Top ones requiring change....DB Coach, S&C Coach, OL Coach

Others to be considered......DC, ST Coach

Coaches we don't know....OC, QB Coach and the 10th assistant

It appears the DB coach change is an issue between Helton and swann as Clay appears to be ok with his coaches and Swann is Swann supposedly made a statement that was in a post ( don't have the actual first hand statment) that apparnatly was in response to Clays' 21-6 record being impressive with the following...its about the quality f the teams you beat rather then just won lost record...if that is true...that is not a good sign...and there also appear to be counter statements about Swann letting Helton fail versus forcing him to change certain members of his staff....on one hand it if Helton fails it might appear the AD didn't offer enough support on the other hand the AD is ibterfering with the coach....


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