Totally irrelevant

By: Java

Just as Dabo Sinney's record after having the Clemson staff, team, and players dumped on him mid season of 2009 or whatever when Bowden bolted is not on Swinney.  Not even a factor.  Those coaches had no part in picking the staff.  Didn't choose who to receruit.  Didn't run fall pracfice or spring practice prior.  Shoot, they didn't even design the game plans for their first game or two.  That stuff is already in place.   In addition, they are saddled with chaos and a shell shocked team.  So no, you don't count his Vegas Bowl Fresno State win in 2013 or whatever and you sure don't count the wins or losses in 2015.  I think he beat UCLA?    That's nice, and it was end of year.  But to me it doesn't mean much.  

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