He reached into his pocket for

By: Java

His speech and said something like "wow, my heart feels like it's coming hrough my chest" and he spoke to his fiancee who was there.  Really heartful moment.  Great ceremony.  


Always grateful to him because he basically was recruited or played under JR, Hackett, then PC.  Played under several OC.    Got blamed for everything that Hackett did.  Got booed.  Never not once did he eveer lash out or say "whoa, I can't do it all here"  He stayed 5 years.  He always behaved himself.  Not a lick of trouble.  


When he arrived JR had just gotten fired and Hackett's 3 years were a disaster.  He endured it all.  He beat UCLA and ND a few times.  In the end he won the Heisman, killed ND, and won the orange Bowl.  2002 was my favorite USC season because he resurrected the program.  Now people gripe and moan about NYD bowls and 11-2 records.  Back then we were so excited to "be back"  


I actually traveled to the Orange Bowl just to see him play one more time.  

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