For usc I predict green goes. Tell goes

By: Java

And jones goes. Which is tough because they aren’t losing that much in the senior class in the two deep. Even still i think usc can replace both safeties easily. Hawkins and tell. Think they’ll have a few choices at DT and at olb rector gustin and others can slide in. Green and nuwosu will be tough to replace but usc has a lot of recruits the last couple years coming up On o they’ll return all top receivers. All tight ends. At least 6 ol who made many starts. Only real loss will be jones Perhaps ware and Carr will be able to make an impact. They would have far less turmoil in their specialists having found a punter and a pk and a ko guy Usc had to replace a lot of people last year. Yet their two deep was still very young I think carr runs for about 900 yards next year but has 500-600 receiving. Ware will run for 600 and the Samoan dude will go for 400. Darnold will run more Take more sacks and throw into tight coverages less in an attempt to reduce int and boost his completion rate. Vaughns and Pittman are going to be devastating and Burnett gets to return to the afterthought role he played to juju and dareusn. If Burnett is your #1 target or wr you may not be that great. If he’s your #3 guy you’re probably really good
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