He is?

By: Petros Papakakas

Money is the only reason Sam left? So the FACT Sam made a public statement earlier in the year voicing his displeasure with the play calling had absolutely nothing to do with his decision? 66 said it’s just common sense that Sam left for the money. Doesn’t common sense include the fact Sam had more problems with the offense than last year. Even though he lost JUJU, he did have several offense players who did return and performed well. Look at his offensive line— they got worse the past two years. Might this be a pattern with the entire offense? Common sense? Sam made the statement himself earlier in the season. Meant nothing? I’m just stating my opinion, I have not had personal contact with the Darnold family like so many here on the WW. Personally, I make decisions based on several factors, not just one. I found this to be a smart way of going about my business.... just saying
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