Gene Chizik was 22-5 over 2 years

By: NYTrojan

But hey, tell you what.  Let's not even go all the way to Chizik.  Let's talk Larry Smith.

Larry Smith was a great coach right 66?  

He won the P10 his first 3 years in a row.  Went 27-8 over 3 years.  That's .771.  I wonder if, even if you took away Helton's first year, you think he'll make that mark.  

Care to make a bet?  $100 to the charity of the other person's choice.  I win if Helton doesn't at least equal Larry Smith.  That is, go to a 3rd rosebowl in a row (I'll count the Cotton bowl as a rose bowl since we did win the P12 and faced the B1G champ... just as much as I'll count the Rose Bowl we shouldn't have been in but were) and equal .771.  I'll even let you ignore Helton's first year.  He can even lose the Rose bowl.  All you have to do is equal Smith. 

Beat Smith by winning that RB and I'll throw another $100 to the charity of your choice.  You have no such double down bet.  

What could you possibly be afraid of?  Georgia is going to the NC game with a redshirt freshman as their QB.  If Helton is anywhere near Kirby Smart's equal he should have a system in place that should be capable of winning a very down P12 right? I mean hell, 3 of the 5 P12 south teams we're facing are all bringing in new coaches.  One of which is Herm Edwards!

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