Darnold needs to go now. End of discussion.

By: Dr. Spock

Whether he, Helton, or you thinks he is ready or not is immaterial.  The NFL thinks he's ready now and he's eligible.  Thats all that matters.  That's the way the system works now.  Top 25 pick?  Go get paid. 

Again, we are talking about a guranteed top 5 pick, not some guy who may get drafted late in the 1st or round or maybe the 2nd round.  When Darnold and Helton met this week, they discussed Darnold's draft evaluation from the NFL and you know what it said?  He would be taken in the top 3. 

Now, if you are Helton and you are sitting there with that evaluation, what would you tell Sam?  Stay at USC, get your degree, and work on your game?  Bullsh*t.  Helton was honest with Sam told him to get the f*ck out and don't look back.  Say what you want about Helton, but at least he was thinking in Sam's best interest.

And here you are trying to spin it as if Helton some how failed.  Weak, self-serving bullsh*t on your part and you know it.

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