Because it's all bullsh*t.

By: Dr. Spock

Unlike you, I don't believe everything someone tells me or believe everthing I read on the internet.  I know that 75% of all the info people put out there is self-serving propaganda just like this non-story you keep harping about.

I also know the NFL, the NFL Draft, the NFL's CBA, and NFLPA agents & attorneys.  Sam Darnold HAS to come out this year.  It doesn't matter if you think he's ready.  If Clay Helton is the 2nd coming Jesus Christ Himself, Sam Darnold still needs to go to the NFL NOW. Why the f*ck is that so hard for you to accept?

But you spit out bullsh*t and lies and try to twist this into a "Helton fails" story because it serves your tiny, narrow interest that you think Helton sucks and need to proven right about it.  Sorry, not signing on to your self-delusions.

Darnold needs to go to the NFL now.  Anyone who tells you anthing else is full of sh*t.

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