What a crock of you know what java...

By: PasadenaTrojan

Talk about Needing meds. What the hell is this nonsense. He’s not about usc. Smh. Damn couldn’t imagine playing for you. Truly feel bad for the kids. It’s my opinion til the bloody end. You won league championships so your in the same category as Sam? He won a conference not a league. Get it? It was A power 5 conference at D1 level. Power 5 for the entire COUNTRY. Want to guess how many HS and youth leagues there are in the US. I’ll take the over on 5. Probably THOUSANDS. It’s just a numbers game and your with the masses. Like me. You lose. Again. Oh here’s another one. Did your league have TV games televised prime time on leading channels? And we’re your games attended by 90k fans? Did your league have Hundred million dollar TV contracts? Did your league get discused On ESPN? Did your league have a draft that was watched by millions of people? Bleed on man. Your embarrassing yourself.
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