So Grabby is moving to Safety.

By: San Clemente

And no, this whole disaster isn't Hugs fault.  He hasn't been to a defense team meeting since he got here with a box of donuts.  


But riddle me this.  WHO POSTED back in 2015 that Grabby was a natural safety and had no business playing corner in college or the NFL?  That he didn't get any coaching at Long Beach Poly and he isn't going to get any at USC to change anything?  Let me give you a clue.  It was the same poster that gave him his nick GRABBY after watching summer drills when it was obvious he couldn't cover a walk on before he ever started a game at USC and became penalty factory, and later posted it on this board.   Another clue, Qorr tried to claim he invented it. 


Freshman all american my ass. 


So SOMETIMES the "fans", know what they see in front of their own eyes.  You know those same fans that could tell that it was taking way too long from plays to come into the game in the cotton bowl.  You can save the "blind squirrel finds acorn".  Not interested. 


Yet we are supposed to "TRUST THE COACHES".  Most of which were PE majors, or in the case of Pendergast, a farming major, that they someone always KNOW football better than any FAN.  


Well it doesn't appear to be the case here, now does it?   Three WASTED seasons.  sc 


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