it's not longer t he talent, it's the coaching

By: scwolf

We have the talent to easily go 12-1 in the regular season and make the CFP. It continues to be about coaching, period.

Granted, luck plays a big part (substantial injuries, freak ball bounces, bad officiating, etc.) which is why there's always the unexplained single loss, but good coaching overcomes everything else.

We have been winning DESPITE mediocre coaching on offense and special teams. The Special Teams alone speaks volumes and is a microcosm of our coaching issues. Defensive scheme and game preparation has been the single bright spot, although there are a few minor issues that should have been addressed: (1) Jack Jones' lack of improvement and Marshall's inadequacies at CB (2) refusal to rotate in more depth at DL (compared to Ohio St. which was rotating in like 8 players regularly throughout the Cotton Bowl). Generally speaking, the entire D unit from coaching to players were CFP worthy.

The fact that Clay is an offensive guy compounds the problem - it's as if he doesn't know how to fix the obvious issues. 

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