Don’t think it was lo duca

By: Java

I could have spelled his name. Read down the board a thread or two. San c made a big f ing deal claiming he thought up a phrase. Says he used it first. Mr original. And everyone else gloms off him and plagiarized him. I’d mentioned at one point I’d coined the phrase alphabet and in his typical over the top blowjard fashion he found a post from 2006 where he used the term mualphabet for Rey Rey. Read the post below. Went on and on. Picture of a toilet. Claimed I’d been flushed etc Used the search function to prove it. So I thought huh. That’s odd. I’ve used that phrase forever. So I too used the search function and voila found me using the phrase two YEARS and two months before him. Is it a bit hairy deal? Not really. But when someone goes to the top of the board and makes it one then yeah. It’s always nice to be vindicated. I don’t think the search function here works before 2004. Or maybe posts are only here back to then. Reading my post made it sound like I’d used it before and casually. No explanation. No chuckle. So I’m guessing I’d used it before. So there you go. Always nice to be vindicated. And to prove the individual is wrong using the same method he’d called me out? Ironic. Priceless
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