USC just hired their GA as QB coach

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Elllis is the new QB coach and if you listened to the podcast I posted yesterday by Ryan Abrahams ...he called it and had a lot of negative things to say about the USC approach versus bigtime programs to filling these slots...USC goes cheap and hires another of Helton's dad's insiders.....I don't like this hire if you hadn't already guessed...this is the guy that was workig with Darnold to force him to stay in the pocket during the bowl prep work and is supposedly the guy that called the passing plays in the Cotton Abrahams stated this hire adds some credibility to that rumor as he said he had personally asked all the coaches includig Clay i it were true and none would Abarhans pointed out when the 10th slot opened for Ohio St they grabbed the WSU DC. for their 10th assistant.....USC grabs a that says a lot....

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