Let's look a little closer at that

By: NYTrojan

First off, why only look at the last 23 games?  I disagree with giving him a pass on his interim year but I understand the argument so I'll leave it out.  

Giving him a passon the first 4 games of his first year though is inexcusable.  That's 33% of a full season.  You can't ignore that.  

By limiting yourself to "Games Sam Darnold Started" you are tacitly agreeing with us that Sam had more to do with the success than Helton did.

So let's be honest and look at Helton's 2 year career.

I only consider rank at the end of the year.  Saying you beat a ranked team when the ranking was mistaken is stupid.  Does Alabama get credit for beating a top 5 team when they beat #4 FSU to start the season?  FSU who wound up going 6-6 and wasn't even truly bowl eligible because they played Delaware State who doesn't give enough scholarships to be counted?  

2017:  USC went 11-3.  They beat #20 Stanford twice and NOBODY ELSE who finished the season ranked.  Our best victories were against a team that finished its year 9-5.  We were crushed by ND and couldn't do a thing in our bowl game.

2016:  USC went 10-3 with wins over #17 Colorado, #7 Penn State, and #4 UW.  That's a solid result, if not for completely crapping the bed to start the season. 

That's a total record of 21-6 with 3 massive losses, 2 good wins (both last year), 3 beat downs, and some midling success against lower ranked teams (15+).  

It's also 1 (not 2) victories over top 5 teams, 5 (not 6 or 7) victories over top 25 teams, 2 of which are against 9-5 Stanford this year.  

Against opponents that end the year ranked, Helton is 5-4 counting Stanford twice.

I'm sorry but this isn't the record of a great coach, and it certainly isn't the pattern of year over year improvement.  It is, at best, mediocre.  Potentially worse depending on how you view the talent on the squad.  

Here's a general question:  Did you, at any point in 2017, feel that the team was improving?  That they got better from the week before?  That they were building on what they completed in 2016 in the Rose Bowl?  You really don't feel like the team was constantly bungling their way through?  


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