We don’t know anything for sure

By: Petros Papakakas

Until it happens. However, unless you’re a janitor, we all forecast for a living. We make predictions and are paid to provide our expert opinions related to our chosen fields of employment. I’m not saying we have any football experts here on the board, but we have some evidence which I believes shows that USC football has a problem. I believe we have plenty of evidence which shows USC has talented players— very talented. So what’s the problem? Why all the penalties and turnovers? Why so disorganized? What is the reason we see so much inconsistency in all 3 phases of the game? In all fairness, I believe Helton has done a tremendous job with keeping the players out of trouble and out of the media. He clearly cares about his players and is a wonderful role model. So what do you think is important? What are the qualities you want in your USC head football coach?
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