Is that right. I run locally around the lake

By: Java

REally pleasant view to suffer a heart attack and die around while running. Yeah. Hard surfaces. Had some Knee issues a couple years ago. Bought a brace and knees must have strengthened So I took brace off a year ago Interesting though. I could run treadmill in my Gym. Big screen tv Stereo. Lots of great pics on walls of usc. Dodgers bronco and laker sports illustrateds. But no windows. It’s down In basement. Kinda boring to run 2-3 miles there. I’m a get outside guy. Ride a bike? I have one of those No joke about the streets. We have some fairly slow streets here but still occasionally scary. Wouldmnot go up to bear valley or those 4 lane each way streets. So running local neighborhood 4-6 miles a week can tear up my knees? Part of why I exercise is to keep up with my fanatical wife. Don’t know what her deal is. She acts like she’s gonna be dead at 50 and wants to do everything fast and in a hurry. Pan am games athlete in her time and had never stopped training She likes pain and likes sweat. Says it feels like pores are being cleansed. I tel her it feels like salt in my eyes
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