Ok is it just me ???

By: Java

My wife struggles to ride a bike. Meaning. She runs 5k around the lake Comes home and does a mini cross fit workout. Them hops upstairs takes a shower comes down and cooks eggs. At the very same time she left I ran 2 miles and come home. Collapse on the couch and am still there as she does all that other stuff. But when we go riding? She had to work. Not sure if it is because she’s so short. But I ride around the lake w her and she’s a little strained and for me it’s a leisurely ride. I could go around the lake 2-3 times at a pretty good clip and not have an issue. Bike riding to me is not strenuous. I’m sure it could be You’re saying if a rose around the lake twice 6.2 miles it would be like running 2-3 miles? For me it would be way easier
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