We never were going to stay #1

By: LA Duck

Even if all of Willie's commits (including Hufanga who really wanted out of the state of Oregon) remained with Oregon.

We were likely going to be around #5 to #7 by Feb 7th had Willie not gone to FSU.

And guess, what?  Now we'll likely be around #7 to #12 depending upon how things shake out by LOI Day.

And I'm pretty darned down with that.

Plus we won't have to have an imbalanced class with 7 WRs now.  We'll likely sign 3-4, which is the # we need.

Taggart was an idiot when it came to figuring out who was needed where.  Cristobal understood that long ago--it's all about the OL and DL.

Sometimes it's better to possess brains rather than bravado.  Right, TEE?  :-)

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