Kanan Ray fired

By: Waldorf

"Who the fuck is Kanan Ray?" you ask. Excellent question!

Kanan Ray was part of UCLA's class of 2017, but he greyshirted due to shoulder surgery. The plan was for him to enroll in winter quarter at UCLA and get ready for spring practice. 

Apparently Chip Kelly spoke with him and his parents and told them there was little chance of Ray fitting into Kelly's scheme. Ray was released from his NLI so he could explore other options. 

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, you have a coach being honest with a kid and telling him it would be in his best interest to go elsewhere. On the other hand, you have a guy who chose to attend UCLA as a student(!)-athlete, on scholarship, and now he's being told to fuck off and die..."Hey, buddy, that was the last coach who offered you a scholarship, and that guy was fired! So, you're fired with him! You're dead to me!" 

I'll probaby have mixed feelings about this for as long as the practice continues. However, I must say that despite my reservations on jettisoning deadwood from the program, I am truly looking forward to the Kelly era because, regardless of the W-L column, Chip just does NOT strike me as the type of guy who wants to be friends with his players. 

Both Neuheisel and Mora wanted to be buddies and have the team wuv them, and the opposite ended up happening. Their respective players lost all respect for the fuckers, and you know the rest. I just get the feeling that Kelly doesn't give a shit about that. I, for one, consider this a great thing, and just what UCLA  needs. 

But there is still a danger to all of this: I can see any aloofness by Kelly toward the suits at UCLA as being detrimental in the long run. Because, while I think the team will adapt to Kelly's style, I don't see the suits warming up to that kind of thing. Those bureaucratic fucksticks will probably be butt-hurt that Chippy doesn't wuv them like Karl Dorrell did, who remembered all their birthdays. 

I have a bad feeling that sooner -- rather than later -- Chip Kelly is going to get tired of dealing with UCLA politics and think to himself, "What the fuck was I thinking?? These guys are assholes!" And he hasn't even coached a game yet. 

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