Yeah, I get it.

By: Waldorf

Me too. But it may not be as cold as I wrote it. I don't know more than what I wrote either, and it wasn't personal knowledge seen firsthand. 

CFB is a business, and it's rough. Like I said, it's probably best if a coach is honest, but it's tough on a kid who may have different ideas. But here's the thing -- and this is something I didn't write -- a player can probably contest this and choose to stay at the university, and even on the team, even if he's never going to play. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think it's the case even if scholarships are only good for one year. 

Still, if a coach sat down with me and my parents and honestly said I probably wasn't going to play, and that I should think about transferring, I'd probably listen to him if I really wanted to play college football. 

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