LOL that is awesome

By: Java

REITS you live off the dividends.  I am hoping the new tax law treats them all as regular dividends now.


I'm working on it.  I like WildWealth.  LA Duck is a riot.  Or MONEY  That works.  


I might have to call it MMoney so I can tell MSan MClemente that I thought of it and it was my idea.


STAG is a resit I've done well with.  Just plugs along.  My wife had one that got bought out and did well too.  PSEC isn't a REIT but is a B development company that is a similar high dividend play.  


I bought some Wells Fargo.  Sold a 9/21/18 $55 put.  Proceeds were $4,100 on 20 contracts.  Bought 68 shares at $61.  It's since risen to $ 62.55  No huge thing, but if the stock doesn't go down to $55 by September, that's $4,100 of free money plus whatever dividends are being paid plus any appreciation.  So far I am up a whole $100-lol  But in reality I am up $4200 you know?


My problem is I have done this with a dozen stocks and now I have small, $4,000-$35,000 positions in a dozen stocks.  Probably need to beef up those positions or get out of them.  You don't want to own, track, follow and read up on 20 stocks.  And if you own stocks, you better be doing the above on stocks you own.  


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