The big aha moment for him

By: Java

Was switching to the slot.  It's not as if he magically decided "aha, I think I will get some coaching" and became a better player.  He opted to go into the slot, where he'd be more of a possession guy, less of a home run threat, and take a lot more punishing shots.  Most high caliber wideouts don't volunteer for that.  But after 2 years of discovering he was an average or below NFL wideout he got a shot to be the starter in the slot, and he brings some mismatches to the position.  No coaching involved.  In fact, the coaching he got at USC, running routes, developing his hands and his blinding speed are what helps him now.


Once he came back Quinsy Watts and Tee Martin along with Curtis Conway got hs head wrapped around the idea.  


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