and they are wrong

By: crunchgodabruinknees

Who do you think knows west point better, the very recently retired professor who cites specific corruption and decay or a distant magazine that uses reputational measures largely from academics. 

I think I was quite clear that their reputation exceeds their current status. That's the core point. It's now a rotten apple. Obama administration political correctness, pro-homosexual anti-male stance, and the laxity that comes from being a deeply funded gubment school all have taken their toll. I know two generals and an admiral pretty well. None of them have much good to say about ring-knockers other than ones they know personally from school.

Why are failing students retained?

Why was the communist cadet passed along?

Why was known proven cheating and plagiarism tolerated?

Lets compare the Walmart heiress ejected form USC to the West Point cheaters, OK.

As a side note, the Forbes list had several facts wrong including admissions rates, costs of attendance and  some misspellings. Editorial sloppiness doesn't imply quality does it?

As a side note, we made $150,000 donation to SC this month. I love the Coliseum remodel. P)



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