The distance between the rankings

By: crunchgodabruinknees

while not perfect, makes the point. The Oregon dude whines about SC costing $200,000 when his own crappy school costs roughly $200,000.

It's score-keeping to me.  Of course, Oregon is like ASU north, it takes anyone who applies,  but it has enough students to capture a small part of the good part of the intelligence distribution curve.

So in summary, Forbes while faulty makes the point that yes there is a moderate difference in expense, but a huge difference in reputation. I got to enjoy the reputational and quality difference this month when my kid doubled their income three years after graduating from SC. 

I prefer substance over form. Oregon is a lady Gaga with tons of image and little talent. West Point is like the beatles. Most of the best from there are dead. A couple old ones hang on. It was once great and its historical value is clear. But it isnt moving forward into the future very well.

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