Another tidbit from Ryan Abraham's

By: Old Hickory Trojan

discussion was ...when asked why fans have not seen the power football Helton said they were returning too....was from Abraham...that times have changed...USC wil never return to that approach under Helton...and the time of the QB getting uder center is pretty much dead...he stated that look at the HS's these days very few QB's under center or a power game...and only a few college teams that are to be considered power teams run those kind of offenses ohter words Clays clai of power football  was no more then ...yada yada yada....a feel goood moment for those that yearn for the days of yesteryear..

He also said his feeling from himslef and others were that there was some discord between BKU and Clancy and Clancy has his methods and is pretty damn stubborn about them...but he also said it's tougher to find a good DC then it is to find a good DL coach...but added bringing in fresh blood to suggest changes is a good thing not a bad thing...but did not feel that either of the new hires are the types to take that approach...and will do what they are told...

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