and it appears the Eagles HC had the

By: Old Hickory Trojan

same opinion if the reports are true that they went full pads ones vs ones in prepatation for the Super Bowl during the bye week and here are some valid points he had but hey you can disagree with that approach but according to reports it kept the team aggrssive and sharp for the game...and this after a long injury torn apparantly if these reports are true the Eagles coaching staff has the same opinion on certain aspects of what Hyde was saying so here you go..

1.) Without contact drills how you decide are the better players?

2.) Without contact drills how do your young kids get better watching the walk thru's?

3.) Without contact drills how do they refine their technique in real game like experience where they take it to play on Saturdays? Do they take the right angles, go at top speed, tackle properly?

4.) Without contact drills how does anyone know who is getting better and who is not?

5.) Without contact drills how do you get a sharply conditioned tough team...if they aren't prepared how do they turn on that physque just on Saturday if they haven't prepared themselves for it all week or in the case of Clays November policy ...all month?

These were the points he was making...Vince Lombardi felt the same way , McKay felt the same way...and Urban Meyer feels the same way and Saban at Bama feels the same way as they all practiced the shet out of their teams...Urban leading up to the Cotton Bowl, Saban afet the Aubuen game praciticed his team the next day....this is not off the wall thinking...some agree with it some don't but Clay IMHO is an outlier..



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