Geez are your thick or just stubborn

By: Old Hickory Trojan

so let me put it to you gently....did Carroll at USC have one day a week that they hit with pads on?

Did the Eagles coach during the bye week for the Super Bowl get his team in pads and have the team go one on one?

Did Urban Meyer put his team inppads and hav contact drills before the Cotton Bowl?

Did Coach Saban put his team in pads and work them right after the loss to Auburn?

The answer to those questions is yes...look it up...they don't need to comment on Heltons no contact November philosphy cause they don't follow it ..the exact opposite they want their teams mentlly and physically ready as possible and in the college game they want their kids getting the feel of the game and coaching to get better week after week so when the time comes they are ready to perform and how do they know that...they get to wach them in game like conditions

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